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What Customers Expect from Their Favourite Local Pizzeria

Curious about what makes a local pizzeria loved by customers?

Learn how 10 Buck Pizza meets fan expectations to deliver pizzas that are a class apart.

Local pizzeria owners claim to know how to make a good pizza, but are they in touch with what customers want? At 10 Buck Pizza, we take our customers’ demands seriously. We conducted a survey recently that brought forth some powerful findings, clearly highlighting what today’s pizza lovers expect and demand from a pizzeria experience in Woodstock.

At 10 Buck Pizza, we are committed to serving our customers and the community with premium, innovative offerings and world-class services in an outstanding setting. Because our menu items are loved so much, we also cater to private events outside regular business hours. When you check out the 10 Buck Pizza menu, you will find fantastic variety, featuring our award-winning wings with a large selection of sauces. These are, hands down, the best wings in town, as evident by our loyal customers who keep returning for more!

Crunching the Numbers

Before we start crunching the numbers, we’ll look at what influences the customer’s decision to choose one pizzeria over another.

  • The most influential factor was word-of-mouth, and Nielsen states that a staggering 92% of people trust the word of their family and friends over any advertising message.

That’s something 10 Buck Pizza has got locked down, as we’re the talk of the town in Woodstock.

  • Reviews and articles are right on the heels of ‘word of mouth’ with another study showing that 90% of customers trust online recommendations as much as personal recommendations.

We’re known for our local community support and involvement, which is why we are the top-rated pizzeria in Woodstock.

  • A study from Market Force, states that 80% of people claimed their purchasing decisions were influenced by posts/recommendations of friends or family on social media.

Enjoyed a great experience at 10 Buck Pizza? Help us out by leaving a review here.

What Customers Want from Local Pizzerias

At 10 Buck Pizza, we like to believe that we are right on the money when it comes to knowing what our customers want and make it a point to deliver the experience they crave.

However, we also know that we can always improve our pizzeria experience, which is why we make it a point to find out what our customers would like to see from us. Their answers were as follows:

Consistent Food and Service

Nearly 75% of customers regard themselves to be ‘regulars’ at 10 BuckPizza, which is a direct result of delivering consistently high-quality food and service. Consistency in food and service quality is the key to a good pizzeria experience, and 10 Buck Pizza understands this factor well.

Quality Customer Service

Unhappy customers will share their experiences with poor customer service or food quality at a pizzeria 50% of the time. We also learned that 85% of customers would stop visiting a pizzeria after two negative experiences.

At 10 Buck Pizza, we are proud of our staggeringly high levels of premium customer service, which is why we don’t have any issues regarding quality customer service.

Excellent Food Quality

Pizzeria customers don’t compromise on the taste and quality of its menu items, as this factor influences their decision to revisit a pizzeria. Over 95% of pizzeria customers ranked food quality as the most critical factor that affects their enjoyment.

To summarize, the top 3 expectations from local pizzeria customers in Woodstock are Food Quality, Customer Service, and Consistency.

At 10 Buck Pizza, we take pride in meeting all the requirements from our regular customers and the local community in Woodstock. We’re Woodstock’s best-kept secret. Visit us today for a fantastic time!

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